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Well, there you go. I have writers block, Artist Block, Musical Block, and philosophical constipation. What?

I cannot create.
So, I must die.
Or at least -
take a really long nap.
eat some ice cream
cookies. cry a bunch

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No but seriously, are the red lips too much?

No but seriously, are the red lips too much?

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Hosting the Volunteer Impact Awards tonight, gotta get my game face on. awwwww yeah; #gunnagetget #gunnagetget’ #gunnagiveALLTHEAWARDS #WELCOMEHONOREDPEEPS #lookatthempearlyyellows! #nahhhhjkjkjk #imightcrythough

Hosting the Volunteer Impact Awards tonight, gotta get my game face on. awwwww yeah; #gunnagetget #gunnagetget’ #gunnagiveALLTHEAWARDS #WELCOMEHONOREDPEEPS #lookatthempearlyyellows! #nahhhhjkjkjk #imightcrythough

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#tabithashaw is at work  #sam go away stahhhhhp sam sam you better not be creepin my blog no sam  #sam  #stahhhhhhhhhp 
Insomniac Thought Of The Day; I got a sentence stuck in my head last night around 10pm ‘I can’t know where you’re coming from, till I’ve seen where you’ve been’….. and that one line kept me up until 4 am.

Brain; what.the.frack.
With the light of day and a bunch of coffee in my system, I can’t even tell what was so gripping about that damn sentence last night. It’s a stupid sentence, and I hate it. Go away, weird words.

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Anonymous asked: Ho ho! there is an anon option~ I just wanted to say that you are a wonderful human being and to keep doing yo' thing gurrl. Can you tell us about the last job you had and the people in it >:?


WELL: my contract is technically over - but I was granted a bit of an extension to work on finishing up a secondary project…. but in all technicality, my last job is sort of the one I am working now.

I was running a youth program, it ended March 18th. Now I am doing something else for a month, but at the same organization. I work on contract through the Canadian government (they pay me minimum wage, so it’s not as fancy as it sounds). I had 7 youth and two youth film makers that also participated. The youth group was roughly every two weeks, during school hours, it counted as work experience, and I fed them lunch. We spent the whole time talking about leadership, volunteerism, empowerment, social justice and etc. It was amazing, and I love it. I love my job. I will hopefully get to do my job again next year - or, well - we’ve been approved to reapply for the contract, but I will still be unemployed until Late august/early September while we wait for the paperwork to be processed…. which is a really long time to be unemployed when you have a toddler and bills.

I have no clue how I am going to pay my summer bills, but what I can tell you is that - even working on an annoying contract, at minimum wage - my job is totally worth it. It’s the best job in the world. I get to meet and hang out with a whole bunch of amazing youth, talk about things that matter, and help inspire young people to become leaders, or at least - happier versions of themselves. It’s great. It’s wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for anything - I just wish I could do it all year round and not get laid off every year. I get to go into schools and do presentations, and I get to act as a mentor to young people. I have young people from past years that contact me and ask for a letter of recommendation to get into college, or want me to be a reference on their resume. It’s amazing, I can’t even describe it. There is no way to describe it. I get to help young people - I get to make a difference in their lives, however small it may be. It’s amazing. It feels amazing, to help. How many times have I said the word amazing? gosh! lol

As for the people in it - a few of them have tumblr, so they can self identify. However technically speaking, I am not allowed to talk about the youth that were in the group, for confidentiality reasons. We had guest presentations come from AIDS Vancouver Island and Vancouver Island Crisis Society. I work underneath a manager who is super cool, very nice and easy to talk to - he’s 25 and he runs the whole organization, so that’s impressive. I have another coworker that deals with paperwork and contracts - I don’t envy her job, and she’s also super cool. She teaches yoga in her spare time, for the purposes of teaching young girls to love their bodies. So, that’s super cool. And….. well…. that’s it. Those are the only details I am legally allowed to give you about the people I work with, hahaha.

>other than that, my last job (5 years ago) was selling body jewelry and that was by myself. lol. 

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heckyeahstephaniehere asked: Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :)


1. I’ve spent all day working in my garden. I grow my own vegetables to last through the summer - this year I am pumping up my production so that I can freeze and can the excess, to last through the winter.

2. My favorite food is a tie between anything Greek, and anything Curry. I literally can not narrow it down farther than that…

3. If I had of had a daughter instead of a son, she would have been named Elizabeth Lee Regehr. Her nickname would have been Ellie.

4. I used to collect stamps, my collection was work 2K before I boxed it up and put it in a closet at my parents house. I have no clue where the collection is now - or how much it would be worth. 

5. I didn’t have a favorite color until I was 16 - because I found it impossible to choose. Since than, my favorite color changes constantly. It always stays in the green/blue/purple range (cool colors), but the precise shade changes. Right now I am fond of both mint (green and or blue) and teal (green and or blue).

6. I had a pet wolf as a kid, her name was Angel. She was technically only 3/4 wolf - with her mum being full wolf and her dad being half wolf, 1/4 Rottweiler, 1/4 German Shepard. It’s technically illegal to breed wolves and wolf hybrids - they can be very unpredictable, hard to train and violent. We picked the runt of the litter, though - and that helped. Out of her entire litter, she was the only pup that made it through to die of natural causes (12 years later, of cancer - sadly) - most of the others were put down because of their lineage and violence. We had to lie to the vet and tell them she was only half wolf, because you can’t legally own a dog that is more than 50% wolf. They would have put her down, if they had known. She was amazing, and I miss her - she died when I was 17.

7. I grew up with like 12 rabbits, but they weren’t pets - my grandma raised them for food. We kept a breeding pair, and raised and ate their children. Sounds horrible because buns are totally adorable… but they are also delicious in stew. Easter dinner at my house, was probably a lot different than Easter dinner at your house.

8. My first job was working in my grandmas craft shop - Busy ‘B’ Crafts. We sold craft supplies. My grandma can make any craft, ever. She also ran a wedding consultant business with my mom, that I helped them with - so I went to more weddings before the age of 10 than most people go to in a lifetime. This has left me with a horrible complex; because now I have to get married and have a super fantastic wedding - or else all this crazy wedding knowledge I gained will be useless.

9. There are more than 100 people in what my family considers our ‘immediate’ family. Our definition is different than most, we don’t do ‘nuclear’ family. My aunts and cousins had as much of a hand in raising me as my own mother did - and we lived with my grandma. It take a village to raise a child - and my family is  village. My grandma is our matriarch - she gave birth to seven children, who all had at least two kids themselves. Their children (my cousins) have lots of kids, some of which have kids themselves. In total, there are 5 generations of my family living - and we are all close. We also have a lot of step children and adopted children in the family, including one of my aunts. We are all very close, we are all friends, we have lots of BBQ’s and birthdays and family functions - but we only ALL get together twice a year, for my grandmothers birthday at the end of august/early September - and boxing day. We have to rent a hall, because we don’t all fit in a house anymore.

10. I have a severe anxiety disorder. I’ve been battling it my entire life. I am in a good place, but it takes me three times as much effort to do the things that other people can do without even thinking. By the time I get home from work, even though I sit in a desk all day -  I am physically and mentally exhausted. The mental preparation it takes just to leave my house is astounding - but I get better every day at pushing myself to do it anyways. There were months when I was a teenager, when I wouldn’t get out of bed except to go to the bathroom… this was before I had a computer. I just sat in bed all day. Sometimes I read, but mostly I just laid in the dark and wished things would get easier. I was afraid of anything and everything that I couldn’t control. Which is purdy much everything. My life is much better now - not because I have any less anxiety, but because I got stronger and better at dealing with it.

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Kerblam; Significant Otter. Masculine and Gender Neutral versions to follow in the next few days or maybe hours, depending on how long I get to doodle tonight :) »Purchase on Stuff«

Kerblam; Significant Otter. Masculine and Gender Neutral versions to follow in the next few days or maybe hours, depending on how long I get to doodle tonight :) »Purchase on Stuff«

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Anonymous asked: Oh good it was an april fools joke about you becoming a hipster blog: I thought you were serious and i started worrying about whether i'd have to unfollow you and i was sad. Haha. And congratulations on the award. :)


Hahaha! Yay! I am glad you didn’t just abandon ship as soon as I said it xD I wondered about that, I was like - Happy April Fools, how many followers can I loose? lol

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Anonymous asked: In your words, what's autism?


This shouldn’t be a tough question, but it is. I’ll try my hardest.

Autism is a condition that changes the way a person sees and relates to the world. Things that are easy for others - can feel seemingly impossible for people with autism, such as changes, unpredictability, transitions, and over stimulation. These cause challenges in some aspects of what we would consider average, day to day living.There are other things that are difficult for many people - that are easier for people with autism. Many people with autism have talents, these talents cover a diverse range of topics - the only one I can speak to is my sons memory retention. He can memorize anything.

Sometimes, Autism presents along with sensory issues; loud or sudden noises, bright and flashing lights, vibrations and certain textures can entirely ruin the day or week of someone with sensory issues. Things that we might often take for granted - like the ability to get a haircut with buzzers, music with a lot of bass, vibrating toothbrushes (etc) - can actually cause physical pain (as well as fear and confusion) to people with sensory issues. Some people with sensory issues have trouble filtering - in a normal conversation, you can actively choose to listen to the person that is talking and drown out background noise. Some people with autism, don’t have that ability - their brain can’t grant priority to just one sensory input. They absorb cars driving by, someone tapping their foot, bright lights, flickering television screens, the texture of their own clothing and the person talking all at once - and their brain treats each of those things as equally important. This makes concentrating difficult. Issues with texture can make eating difficult. Issues with concentration can make learning and speech difficult.

Autism is a spectrum disorder - not every child, has every symptom. Some people are high functioning - others are not. There used to be separate classifications under Autism such as Aspergers and PDD-NOS, but recently they have lumped them all together to make diagnosis easier. This is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. Some children aren’t getting diagnosed because they are too high functioning - whereas in the past, they would have just been diagnosed with Aspergers. 

The good news is that there are a lot of coping mechanisms that people with autism can develop, to help them live happy and meaningful lives with their disability. Many of these coping mechanisms work best, when taught early - so the earlier that a child can access intervention therapies and programs and services for children with developmental disabilities, the better off they will be in the long run. Sometimes, parents have to fight to get an early diagnosis - because many doctors without a strong understanding of autism, try and take the ‘wait and see’ approach - however, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to implement and teach these coping mechanisms. Parents often end up not just as primary support givers - but as advocates and fighters for their child’s rights.

Uhm…. I am certain there’s more, I just can’t think of it right now. Again - this is based on my experiences and research, and the experiences of others might be different. :)

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Today is Autism Awareness Day: are you wearing blue? I am! Not in this picture because this picture is old. I’ll be attending my first Autism Family Support Group tonight, I am going with a friend of mine who’s son also has Autism.I guess, in support of raising awareness - I’ll answer any question today about my son, or autism in general. Please keep in mind that I am not an expert - and that I only have my own experiences with my son to draw upon. Also, Autism is a spectrum disorder - so every child is different, and my and my sons experiences aren’t an example of every experience.Inbox is open, anon is on - and even if you have no questions, have a nice day! ^-^

Today is Autism Awareness Day: are you wearing blue? I am! Not in this picture because this picture is old. I’ll be attending my first Autism Family Support Group tonight, I am going with a friend of mine who’s son also has Autism.

I guess, in support of raising awareness - I’ll answer any question today about my son, or autism in general. Please keep in mind that I am not an expert - and that I only have my own experiences with my son to draw upon. Also, Autism is a spectrum disorder - so every child is different, and my and my sons experiences aren’t an example of every experience.

Inbox is open, anon is on - and even if you have no questions, have a nice day! ^-^

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So that post about turning back into a hipster/photography blog was an aprils fools joke…. that no one cared about at all.

rofl. Oh well. Anyways, I am not changing…. still a fandom blog… just suffering from some artists block at the moment. I am sure it’s a phase - as I have a concept in my head of a new non-fandom painting for in my society6, I just havn’t had a chance to get to painting it yet. Busy. Busy. Busy. :)

In other news; the youth group that I ran this year won a Volunteer Impact Award xD So that’s super cool. All the youth get to go to a ceremony and accept the award and I am probably going to cry like a mother at her childs first day of school. I get to present the award to them, which is also super cool - because I am going to demand a group hug ^-^

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Anonymous asked: what's extreme is people like you not realizing that sometimes diversity can go too far. When characters are made black or disabled or gay for no reason it hurts the story and it hurts the cause of the people who are supposedly being represented.



I like how you sent me an ask claiming that no one says a thing except people rhetorically making fun of the position that no one actually holds, and then you send me an ask clarifying that you hold exactly the same position.

I’m kind tempted to just not address anything else you said and just marvel in the perfection of that.

What’s the reason for making a character white? What’s the reason for making a character straight? What’s the reason for making a character abled or neurotypical or cis?

When you assume that making a character Other relative to yourself weakens the narrative, you’re revealing a terrible thing about yourself: that you can’t imagine that those people have backstories and inner lives the way that you do.

Every single person in a fictional narrative is ultimately there because a writer decided they needed to be there, but when the person looks like you and matches your expectations, you accept that this person who was made up for the plot had a life full of events that led them to the point where they’re appearing on the screen or page.

But when your expectations aren’t met, you start saying it’s forced. You can’t accept that events led them here because you don’t grant them the kind of life that you know you have. Your empathy does not extend to them. 

Look at how many white people think they can relate to a little girl in an industrial orphanage who falls in with a capitalist robber baron during the Great Depression more than they can relate to a little girl in the foster system in modern New York who falls in with a career politician, all because of a difference of race. The original Annie’s situation and world were only slightly less alien to us than the Victorian period, but making her white somehow makes her relatable in a way that a little girl who clearly exists in our world isn’t.

The fact is, empathy is linked to imagination and we can (and do!) relate to people who are literally alien beings in literally alien worlds. The choice not to relate to Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie—or a Black or gay or female or trans video game character—is a choice to shut off both imagination and empathy. 

The failing is not with the narrative, it’s with you.


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